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To be one-stop water treatment solution and liquid packaging machinery provider in Africa and create awareness for portable water all over Africa.


Achieving Complete Water Purification with Sustainable Economic & Environmental Advantage comfortable to NIGERIA INDUSTRIAL STANDARD (NIS) for drinking water.

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Basic filtration

Water Softening Plants

Reverse Osmosis Plant for Drinking

Industrial Water Storage Tanks

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About The Founder

Uche Kalu, a driven entrepreneur, established Bevick Integrated Technologies to meet the demand for clean drinking water. Through innovation and sustainability, he built a reputable brand known for quality and customer satisfaction. Beyond business success, Uche’s philanthropic efforts have made a positive impact on communities in need. His inspiring journey reminds us that determination and compassion can lead to remarkable achievements.

Bevick Integrated Technologies, started in year 2001 but later got registered in 2011 and have since served Nigeria, marketing its product in almost all countries in Africa.

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